5 Reasons Why You'll Love These Macrame Cat Hammocks

Macrame cat hammocks are an aesthetically-pleasing piece of cat furniture, sure, but what makes our macrame cat hammocks extra special? I'll tell you why.

Here are 5 reasons why you (and your cat) will fall in love with our line of macrame hanging cat hammocks.

Macrame cat hammocks designed by Meowcramé by Fluffy Kitty

1. Handmade with Eco-friendly Materials 

Good for Pets, People, and Planet and we really mean that! Our mission for our macrame cat hammocks entails sourcing local, natural materials that are gentle on the planet. It's time for plastic pollution in the pet industry to make way for eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives. 

Each cat hammock is weaved with all-natural cotton rope from local suppliers. The wood sticks used in our macrame cat hammock designs are fully recycled wood material collected from fallen trees and palms in the coastal jungle of Nayarit, Mexico. 

A team of talented women from the surrounding pueblos then hand-weave each macrame knot to create our unique cat hammocks.

2. Lovingly Designed with Your Cat in Mind

Cats love to lounge and our cat hammocks are virtually hanging cat beds. Place any pillow or blanket to create a cradle where your cat can rest. 

Our macrame cat hammocks can go virtually anywhere - place in front of a window or in the corner of your living room. Our macrame cat hammocks are nice to look at so they effortlessly integrate into your home's decor (unlike unsightly cat stands!). 

Meowcramé by Fluffy Kitty | Handmade macrame cat hammocks | www.meowcrame.com

3. Provide Fair Wages for Women in Mexico

We feel especially grateful to be able to say that our hammocks enable women in small-town Mexico to earn fair wages even during the off-season - when most businesses and jobs fickle out. 

Thanks to our partnership with Mujeres Movimiento - a center for women by women - we are able to locally source and promote the macrame craft through economic opportunity, empowering women to earn a flexible income.

4. Supports Your Cat Like a Cloud

Each macrame cat hammock comes with extra rope so your cat can swat and play with. No need to worry about even larger cats - our hammocks can accommodate up to 20 lbs of feline easily. 

Your cat will feel like they're dreaming on cloud 9! 

5. Each Sale Gives Back to the Community

Did you know? Not only is your macrame cat hammock handmade with love using eco-friendly materials, but it also helps support the local communities on the coast of Nayarit, Mexico.

That's right, we give back an additional 5% to support the center itself so that it can continue to grow and positively impact the women in the surrounding communities and pueblos.

Mujeres Movimiento aims to build confidence and skills to underprivileged women in the community who look to the center for strengthening their economic and social opportunities. The center is currently raising funds to implement a soccer field which will be majorly for women (as the men's soccer teams take dominance of the field within the town). The center will be able to rent out the field to further help fund its projects!

Eco-friendly handmade macrame cat hammocks | Meowcramé by Fluffy Kitty www.meowcrame.com

So, what do you think? We think our macrame cat hammocks are the purrfect way to positively impact Pets, People, & Planet!