About Us

To learn about how Meowcramé came to be, we first must start here with our first-ever project: The Fluffy Kitty; a cat blog inspired by our adopted cat, Yoda.

We first started writing articles about all things cats in 2015 - cat furniture, health, nutrition, behavior, etc., and continued thereafter to blog about our travels with Yoda and the lessons + experiences along the way.

It was in April 2018 when Brittany, Paul, and Yoda moved to a small, beach-side town on Mexico's Pacific coast to live for a year (our 7th country together!)

There, Brittany first met with Mujeres Movimiento - a center for women by women - to learn how to do macrame knots. It was largely thanks to this workshop that Brittany grew passionate for the macrame craft.

The idea to combine our values at The Fluffy Kitty with economic opportunity for the women quickly grew from a seed of inspiration into a budding seedling. 

Meowcramé by Fluffy Kitty was born out of a passion for pets, people, and planet. And we wanted to make a positive impact for each. Introducing....

Our 100% handmade eco-friendly cat hammocks!