About Our Team of Macrame Artisans

Mujeres Movimiento centre do mujeres

Introducing Our Team of Macramé Artisans at Mujeres Movimiento.

A group of Mexican artisans has partnered with Meowcramé by Fluffy Kitty to help design and create these wonderful cat hammocks. The women are part of Mujeres Movimiento, a women's center located in Sayulita, Mexico.

The center, which is staffed by volunteers, provides a space in which groups of local women can gather and identify what they need in the areas of health, fitness, finance, and education.

The women, drawing on their collective wisdom, skills and talents, then work together to create and implement programs and projects to meet those needs. Creating Meowcramé hammocks is one such project.

Macrame cat hammocks

Through their participation in this project, the women can share their artisanal skills with each other and the world while at the same time earning a fair wage.

In February of 2020 Mujeres Movimiento will celebrate its first year anniversary. During this first year, women at the center have provided English classes to the community, given workshops to tourists on topics ranging from cooking local cuisine to creating Mexican art, made and sold eco-friendly grocery bags, and developed a number of projects that generate supplemental income for local women.

In addition, the women have been building a soccer field on the center’s property. The field will be completed in December 2019 and will be used by local women’s teams for practice and games. When women are not using it, the field will be rented out to generate money for the center’s various projects.